BEWARE! AMP Men, This Technique Gives Her Continuous 30-Minute Orgasms She Will Crave Constantly”

You Saw It On “Authentic Sexual Power” Videos, Now Master the Techniques of “Expanded Orgasm”

      Dear AMP Man,

      With everything you’re learning in the Authentic Sexual Power program, there’s still ONE THING that is probably gnawing at you.
(We hear you, because we’ve been getting emails about this…)

      And that is…you don’t know the exact steps to get your woman to let you try the clitoral stroking strategy we showed you in the demos with Rain and David.

      You know secretly she’d love to take that orgasmic journey with you.

      But when it comes time to get her to lie down and let you practice, you both freeze up.

      You’re not sure of your approach. Where exactly do you stroke? Where do you put your fingers? Your feet?

      She can’t tell you how she likes it; it’s all brand new to her too. How do you even know if what you’re doing is working?

      You wish you knew the step-by-step techniques, the moves, to massage her pussy in a way that would make her feel so good that she would totally surrender to your touch – she would relax into the sensation and ask you for more, softer, yes…

      And what’s in it for you?

      Imagine what it’s like to soak in the energy of your woman when she’s moaning, writhing, reaching for her turn on.

      This stroking practice gets your woman into an orgasmic state that lasts and lasts much longer than a climactic orgasm.

      Free to lie there, she takes pure pleasure in the sensations you’re creating as you stroke her into orgasm after orgasm, getting her so engorged she blooms like the flower that she is.

      But to get that bud to bloom, it’s important for you to master the easy techniques and for your woman to believe it’s possible and be open to letting you stroke her.

      We reviewed all the orgasmic teachers out there and found THE training system that teaches clitoral stroking better than anything else.

      It’s called “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.” Dr. Patti Taylor teaches this twenty one day program for partners. She’s like “the Doctor Ruth of deliberate orgasm.”

      Your girl will approve.

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